Finally – A Home Planning Guide With 8 Easy Steps To Planning Your New Home!

Discover a new home planning guide with 8 easy steps that will take you by the hand and help you plan your new home. This home planning guide is a step by step guide to planning a home – from getting organized to your construction team – from your financial reports to your budget – from your home style to your home building plans and then from your home structure to your building products.

Now you ask – Where do you begin the process of planning a home? How do you get organized? What do you look for in a contractor? Where can you find a great house plan? How do you plan a construction budget? What about all those home building costs? Do you have a home planning checklist?

Home Planning Guide - House Building Plans

You will discover the answer to these questions and find incredible ideas, planning a new home tips and home floor plans right here to guide you at BuildWisely.

That’s what this home planning guide is all about. Through careful research and applying knowledge based from hands-on experience, we’ve developed an easy to use home owners planning guide and home planning system with a list of steps in planning a house that has proven to be successful.

Our mortgage lender liked our home planning system so well that he said he wished other people could have this information so his job would be much easier making home loans.

And now, we would like to share it with you here at BuildWisely or you can download it in pdf format for easy reading and printing your own home planning binder.


When is a good time to begin planning a new house and selecting your house plans?

Right now.  It’s never too early, but waiting too long could rush you into making hasty decisions only to end up with unhappy results.

Most likely, you have already viewed some house plans or found some great home design ideas. If so, that’s great – we are here to assist in pulling together all your design ideas, wants, needs, and dreams with our innovative and creative home plans and home planning strategies for discovering great small home plans, new home plans, family home plans, custom home plans and even luxury home plans.

Unique Planning Concepts

What makes BuildWisely’s home planning system and home planning guide concepts unique?

BuildWisely’s ultimate purpose is to help you:

Prevent regrets by focusing on important details.

Discover a perfect home building site so that both your home and land meld flawlessly together.

Tailor a floor plan specifically to fulfill your family’s ideas, wants needs, and dreams.

Save time & money so that you can truly afford your new home.

Avoid scams throughout your home planning and home building process by maintaining control of your money.

Put together a fantastic Home Planning & Home Planning Guide To Help You Plan Your Dream Home team so that your home building experience is positive and productive.

In this home planning system and planning guide we literally help you focus on all of the above issues and much more in effort that complete satisfaction is achieved with your home long after you’ve moved in. Now, let’s get started with:

8 Easy Steps to Planning Your New Home!

#1 – Get Organized

We will show you how to use simple planning techniques to make the most of your time as well as prevent frustration and chaos.

#2 – Choose Your Construction Team

Planning a home is all about teamwork. From day one, you will be planning a working relationship with various people and personalities.

#3 – Get Your Financial Reports Together

Your financial strength will determine the framework for the size, style, composition, and location of your home. In order to get to the bottom line question, you must do a complete and accurate financial analysis.

#4 – How do You Plan a Budget

A well planned budget is vital for obtaining construction house building loan and mortgage loan, keeping construction costs under control and maintaining stress-free mortgage payments over the duration of your loan.

#5 – What Home’s Style do Your Prefer

From the roof to the foundation—and everything in between—you will have a great deal of design options, product selections, and home decorating planning decisions to make.

#6 – Find the Perfect House Plan

The plan you choose will not only determine your home’s cost and how well your home will fit your land and neighborhood, but it will also influence how well your family will live together even long after moving into your new home.

#7 – Discover the Anatomy of a Home

If you know nothing about the construction of a home…don’t be afraid you are not alone. Not everyone knows everything about home-building. However, if you want your experience to be successful and rewarding you need to know more than just the basics.There are several components that are integral to the function of a well balanced home. Some are required, others are optional, but all need to be considered.

If you know nothing about the internal components of a home, or you don’t do your research, you could end up with some real problems. Always, always, always find out what is required for your home and its proper installation—from the correct source.

#8 – How and Where to Find Great Building Products

Have you been searching the internet for home building products but you can’t seem to keep track of all the websites?

When you take the time to research building products properly, the decision making process becomes much easier. Therefore, it is wise follow a research plan in order to utilize your research time effectively.

We begin by categorizing each building product so that you can work with one building product at a time in order to stay organized and efficient. We will even show you some home planning software to help you with your home planning project.

Remember that we share all this with you here at BuildWisely or you can download the home planning guide pdf format for easy reading and printing.



Find the Answers You are Looking For!

BuildWisely is a home planning checklist to be used as a guide to planning your own home! Whether using a stock plan or a custom design, you’ll discover how to incorporate certain elements so that everyone living under your roof will thoroughly fall in love with the design and layout.

Our innovative home planning guide with home planning strategies, design tips, and budget ideas help you create the ultimate building experience before, during, and after construction.

Included in our guide are over 400 pages packed with planning, budgeting, and design information. Included also is a list of steps in planning a home, plus printable forms, worksheets, questionnaires, cabinet templates, shopping lists, and so much more to help you plan, protect, organize, and research your entire new home.

Save Money and Time:

BuildWisely’s home planning guide is a great resource tool for finding your home’s plan and even home improvement planning, so why waste money purchasing a ton of plan books only to end up empty handed. Use the money you would normally spend on plan books and apply it directly to purchasing your blueprints.

What Makes a House Plan Perfect?

Whether you desire to build a Country French, Art Deco, or any other style, Buildwisely’s home planning guide reveals numerous key features to look for so that you are sure to find the perfect design for your family.

It doesn’t matter if you purchase a stock plan or design a custom home with one, two, or three stories; basement, crawlspace, or slab foundation; narrow lot or vast estate, we will point out specific features to optimize your home’s function. We’ll also show you how to add features to bring peace and harmony throughout your home. Click here for Home Design Tips!

As you can see, BuildWisely is a home planning guide with a great information source for planning and building Your New Home with…

Knowledge and Confidence.

Your DREAMS really can become REALITY when you …


BuildWisely’s goal is to make your home project planning a little bit easier, richer, less stressful and safer when it comes to planning and owning your beautiful home. So I’ll be updating and growing this site with more and more of our experiences here.

I wish you great success in planning and creating a home that is truly your own. Thanks for Visiting and Come Back Soon as we update and add new information often!

Bookmark us in your favorites so that you can easily find us and our home planning guide, and don’t Forget to Tell All Your Friends and Family about BuildWisely.

Let’s get started and go Get Organized


Deborah Gaskill

P.S. To help you get started, I would like to give you a free copy of my e-book entitled, “Scrapbooking Your Home Plans”. Keep organized so that nothing gets lost or forgotten! Click Here for Your Free Gift!

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