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Click this web link for more videos and also useful information concerning verandas, developing style as well as home renovation. This video clip will provide you with 7 style ideas for either renovating or constructing a new porch with a hip roofing system that will attach to a residence or structure with an existing hip roof.

4 responses to “7 Design Ideas For Porches With Hip Roofs – Building And Remodeling/feed/”

  1. BlindAF says:

    Might want to up your volume a bit.

  2. gregvancom says:

    It sounded find on my end. Have you compared this video sound to the other ones and also what type of device are you using.

  3. gregvancom says:

    Okay thanks, but I don’t think there’s much I’m going to do about it on my end. Let’s wait and see how many more people complain about the volume.

  4. John P says:

    Hi Greg, are you using ChiefArchitect now? Thanks

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