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Click on this url to find out more roughly cellar repair works, renovating and new home building. This video was the response to an e-mail I obtained from someone exactly who was trying to find a means to install brand-new floor joist to produce a structural floor beam of light that might be set up in sections to stay clear of getting rid of large heating as well as air-conditioning ventilation ducting. Remember to contact designers if you're planning on modifying any type of components of your home framework.

4 responses to “Can I Bolt Together Sections of Joist to Make Floor Beam – Remodeling and Home Repair Tips/feed/feed/feed”

  1. John-Jozef Proczka says:

    This approach is actually really hard to calculate what type of capacity
    you would get out of the bolted together members…. other than knowing it
    would not be nearly as strong as solid members. An option that could work,
    if the members are only resisting downwards load, is a steel strap along
    the bottom or next to the bottom of the members with a whole bunch of
    nails. I have specified similar things, but it is usually easier to do a
    full length member.

  2. Steve Eyler says:

    Thanks for creating this Greg! I’ll go ahead and contact the engineer. When
    I weighed out how to do this I was also planning to bolt a metal plate on
    each side of the joists where I made the cuts to add more strength. On a
    side note, the beam that runs down the center of the home’s entire length,
    which is nearly 50 feet, is nothing more than 2X10s nailed together with
    posts underneath them and they are of varying lengths. So my thoughts were
    if you can do it that way to support an entire home you ought to be able to
    support a percentage of the weight of the half story (home is 1.5 story)
    that these joists will have from a weight perspective loading on them. The
    section of wall that I’m removing has 10 2x6s to support the floor above.
    My simple logic, which may not be correct, is that if I’m going to support
    the second floor (half story) above with a beam and post at each end that
    if I can calculate how much 10 2X6s can support and divide that by two I’ll
    have a number I can use to determine if 3 bolted together joists placed
    under each post can support. I’ll run it by the engineer. Thanks again.

  3. MrMac5150 says:

    Good Work, Thumbs up.

  4. Juan Calderon says:

    I’ve done many projects where we have had to beef up beams and a lot of
    times what we do is we end up putting in steel beams.

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