Can You Use Air Admittance Plumbing Vent Valves on Your Next Construction Project?/feed/

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Click on this link to find out more regarding plumbing, constructing fixings and also new house building. This video is a feedback to a video clip I made previously suggesting that you ought to cap any kind of open the duct pipelines, but that was before I understood about air admittance valves. I would additionally prefer to mention that some structure divisions do not approve of their use because they are mechanical devices that can fall short.

2 responses to “Can You Use Air Admittance Plumbing Vent Valves on Your Next Construction Project?/feed/”

  1. Dave duCille says:

    in the early part of the video you talk about the air admittance valve
    letting air in and then not letting water back out if there were a backup
    but you fail to mention that it’s really there to keep sewer gases from
    coming back out as well. Towards the end of the video when you show the
    event going out to the roof you make mention that allows the sewer gases to

  2. Dave duCille says:

    and yes I know a lot of states do not allow you to use them. I’m not
    entirely sure why I get that they are a mechanical item that could fail but
    they are also super easy to change out. in Florida they are allowed and
    thank goodness because renovating old wood-frame homes it would be really
    difficult to try and then a lot of people end up going right to the
    exterior and running them up the side of the house which is really unsightly

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