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Tip up your room with this personalized desk made from repurposed staircase parts.

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stain-grade plywood
staircase posts
table saw
cut saw
tape measure
pencil and also note pad
caulk and caulk gun
wood filler as well as putty blade
orbital sander
medium-grit sanding pads
semi-gloss paint
paint sprayer
extension cord
plastic sheet
wood screws
1×3 MDF trim
nail gun
moist fabric
high-gloss floor sealer


1. Determine measurements: Utilizing tape measure, determine appropriate elevation, width and deepness for desk in relation to wall surface, child's dimension and also the room's traffic flow. Mark workdesk's wanted elevation on wall with pencil. Jot dimensions down on note pad with pencil. Tip: Bear in mind needed clearance for windows and doors.

2. Cut plywood as well as trim: Describing dimensions on notepad, measure, then mark plywood as well as trim items with pencil and level. Usage table attended cut plywood to dimension. Cut trim to size utilizing cut saw as well as miter edges.

3. Cut blog posts: Describing dimensions on note pad, procedure article, after that mark with pencil. Cut articles to dimension utilizing cut saw.

4. Attach plywood to blog posts: With assistance from a buddy, securely hold plywood still and also in position perpendicular to publish. Using drill, affix messages to plywood with timber screws directly through plywood and right into top of blog post.

5. Include trim: Using nail weapon, connect mitered items of 1×3 MDF to front of plywood.

6. Prep for paint: Fill gaps, nail holes and also screw openings with wood filler making use of putty blade. Caulk spaces between trim and plywood with caulk weapon. Once timber filler and also caulk have actually totally dried out, sand all surface areas making use of orbital sander and also medium-grit sanding pads. Clean dirt from surfaces with wet fabric.

7. Prime, paint as well as seal: Tons primer right into paint sprayer, after that spray in a stable, regulated way keeping sprayer 8 inches from surface area of workdesk. Once primer is dry to the touch, clear out sprayer, lots surface color, after that spray two even coats in a steady, controlled fashion, maintaining sprayer eight inches from surface of workdesk. As soon as surface coat is completely dry, repeat painting actions using floor sealer. Suggestion: Permit at least 24 Hr' drying time before putting things on sealed surface.

8. Create as well as install cleat: Produce cleat by reducing one piece of 1×3 MDF roughly 2 inches shorter compared to size of plywood top. Area cleat below marked line on wall, attaching it to the wall surface with drill and also wood screws.

9. Attach workdesk to cleat: Area desk directly on top of cleat. Fasten plywood top to cleat with timber screws driven through cleat right into the underside of plywood.

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