Extended Concrete Foundations Can Create Water Leaks – Poor Planning Creates Problems/feed/feed

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Click on this link to learn more about structure repairs, residence structure and renovation. Poor preparing usually develops troubles for the building proprietors and this video provides us with a fine example of how a prolonged concrete structure or one that was put a little larger compared to it must have is allowing water to leak into a garage or a home. We will certainly likewise supply you with a couple of repair work suggestions that may work.

One response to “Extended Concrete Foundations Can Create Water Leaks – Poor Planning Creates Problems/feed/feed”

  1. G shredder says:

    Sealant would be better than caulk, caulk would never last. If making a
    concrete cant, use zypex with a bonding agent. Flashing would be best. My 2
    cents. Good vids .👍🏿

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