Find Your Perfect Floor Plan and Home Design in Four Easy Steps!

Although no new home building plan,floor plan, or home style may be truly perfect, you can defy the odds and achieve near perfection when you plan and then build your home wisely.

BuildWiselyoffers home "Home Design Tips" geared to help you focus on factors most important to your family and to achieve the best home possible - a home tailored specifically to your ideas, wants, needs, and especially, dreams.

A great starting point for discovering your entire home design is to choose your home's style. And an easy way to do that is to think of a favorite vacation spot, then...

Bring your Favorite Vacation Spot Home!

Ourphilosophy is quite simple: "Live where you love it best!" It is vital to your health, happiness, and well-being that the home you choose to build is one you can relax in, sleep in, have fun in with your family, and above all, enjoy life.

"The home should be the treasure chest of living." - LeCorbusier

Mostof us don't have the luxury of living in the geographical region of our dreams. But, what's stopping us from bringing our favorite region to us? Our homes should be a livingparadise - no matter where the location may be.

Perhaps, your family prefers the French Mediterranean,Bahamas, or Nantucket Bay. Although, the aforementioned regionsare all located on the waterfront, each exhibit a different home style, interior décor, and atmosphere. Click Here for Books on Home Styles

A Treasure Chest of Your Dreams!

Whenyou research your options well, you are more likely to discover exactly what particular attributes fulfill your "treasure chest of living". And it doesn't matter what budget you have for building your home...

...keep in mind that there are many ways to create the home of yourdreams by using a little imagination, a bit of architectural style, and some paint!

Fauxpainting, stenciling and other interior designtechniques are great for creating that desiredlook, but at a fraction of the cost. There are many beautifully written and illustrated books available to help you achieve the perfect home style for your family.

How do I know if a floor plan is really right for me?

After you have chosen your home's style, there are just four steps to finding a floor plan to go with it. And to do that you must:

Step 1: Establish Your Priorities

Step 2: Find that Perfect Floor Plan

Step 3: Determine if the House Plan is Suitable for the Building Site.

Step 4: Make a scale drawing of each room of your favorite floor plan.

By performing the above four steps you will discover whether or not a house plan is right for you. Most house plans are quickly ruled out within Step 2. However, in some cases, it may take going all the way through step #4 to be certain.
Keep in mind that you may be able to make simple changes to the floor plan and home style to fit your desires. As always, it is a good idea to consult with the home desiger and/or a qualified professional before making changesto any plan.
I'm not going to say that the above four steps can be accomplished in a few days. In fact, it could take several weeks or even months to figure out if a floor plan is actually perfect for you.
The home plan youchoose affects both your home's budget and, most importantly how well your family will be able live together among other factors.Therefore, a house plan should never be chosen quickly.

Step1: Establish Your Priorities
Are you the type of person who has a difficult time deciding what it is you like? Or perhaps, you happen to like just about everything you see?
Establishing a few priorities can help you stay focused on important home features and not get side-tracked into forgetting what you've set out to accomplish.
In order to easily create this priority list, keep it organized into individual rooms or by subject,such as: home style, floor plan layout, kitchen, dining room,bedroom, and bathroom number, size, and features, storage areas, and so on and forth. Click Here for ideas that will get you brainstorming!

Step 2: Find that Perfect Floor Plan

Achieve ultimate satisfaction and at the same time optimize your floor plan search by using your priority list to quickly rule out whether ornot a floor plan is workable for you.

Prevent hours upon hours of wasted time searching through house plans by establishing specific searchcriteria, such as:

    • Number of Floors

    • Number of Bedrooms

    • Number of Bathrooms

Ifa floor plan doesn't offer at least your desired criteria, it can quickly be overlooked. However, when you see a plan that offers at least your basic search criteria and more, then you may want to keep it in mind for Step 3.

BuildWisely's House Plan Criteria

Ultimately,it is up to you, and your family, to decide what trulymakes your home a perfect home. However, we have put together a listof criteria we feel a great floorplan should exhibit:

  • An Individual Room's...

    • Design Layout - must accommodate various options for furniture and accessory pieces. In addition, the kitchen, office, utility room, etc... must be designed with optimal work spaces and storage.

    • Dimension - must be able to accommodate the room's furnishings without being over-crowded.

    • Closet/Storage Area - must be able to offer ample space and at the same time be located in the most convenient area for the room it serves.

    • Ceiling - must have a height and design appropriate for the room.

    • Location - must be located in the proper area according to the room's purpose.

    • Bedrooms are secluded away from the other bedrooms and busy rooms in order to allow for total privacy.

    • Bathrooms are conveniently located, the quantity is sufficient for the household, and offer ample storage space.

    • Common areas are inviting, functional and flow well with adjoining rooms.

  • The Entire Home Design's...

    • Overall Floor Plan Layout - must exhibit a great flow pattern from one room to the next without wasting valuable space.

    • Bathrooms - must be convenient and appropriate for the number of bedrooms. Preferably, no more than 2 bedrooms shall share a bath. In addition, one suitably sized bath per floor having living and/or bedroom spaces.

    • Entrances, Doorways, Hallways, and Stairways must be wide enough to allow furniture and other objects to be easily navigated through the home.

    • Character, and Style - must exhibit panache and at the same time emit a message of comfort.

    • Expandability - must allow for future growth.

Theabove guidelines were also used to critique the home designs andfloor plans chosen for BuildWisely'sFavorite Home Plans.You may find that eachguideline is a great asset by helping you establishwhether or not a floor plan is perfect for your home.

ClickHere to see our review of Archway Press House Plans!

Thefirst area we critique in a home design, is each individualroom. We believe each room and space, for that matter, should firstand foremost serve its purpose -and serve it well.

Second,we look at how each individual room fits within the entire floor planlayout.

"Eachroom of a home, and its space,

shouldfit perfectly together...

likea piece in a puzzle."

Third,we look at how one roomflows into the other -making sure there is ample clearance for moving large objectsthroughout the home. Another important issue to consider is wastedspaces.

Wastedspaces = wasteddollars - it's that simple.

Fourth,we consider thehome'sstyle and character. When a homeis plain you can always add architecturalembellishments - to a point. When there is simply no character tostart with, then it can be difficult, but not impossible, to turnnothing into something magnificent.

Fifthand final, we determine the floor plan's "expandability"factor. For growing families, or when building a starter home, youmay want to make sure there will be room for growth.

Bonus Rooms above agarage, an unfinished attic space, oreven a basement can offer growing room.

If none of those spacesare an option, we then look at the possibility for a room addition -which, should be joined to the home and look as if it was an originalpart of the home's design.

Step3: Determine if the House Plan isSuitable for the Building Site.

Bothyour building site and your house plan should complimentone another and exhibit all the character and features that make yourhome truly perfect. The neighborhood,terrain, and climate conditions may effect the home style, floorplan, design layout, or even story structure of your home.

BuildWisely'sHome Planning Guide offersmany tips on selecting a building site that is perfect for your newhome. This guide also includes a unique organizing system that willkeep your house plan search productive and successful, plus muchmore! Getour guide!

Step4: Make a scale drawing of each room.

Whenyou discover a floor plan that offers many of your priorities you maywant to spend a little more timegetting to know if it could be a sure fit.

Aaccurate way to find out if a floor plan is perfect for your home isto draw out each room to scale and then plan its furniture layout.But, before you can get started you'll need the following drawingsupplies:

  • Fine lead pencil

  • Big Eraser

  • Architect's Triangular Scale

  • Graph Paper- as long as you have paper and ink in your printer you can print off an unlimited supply graph paper for free!

Free Printable Graph Paper

ClickHere for FREE Room Drawing Instructions!

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