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TheFrench Country Style Home incorporates many features that are acatalyst for the French lifestyle—The life of leisurely longmeals sitting on the verandahsurrounded by beautiful mountains, sipping perfectly aged wine, andsavoring the delights of the incredible Frenchcuisine-that's what weAmericans are truly intrigued by. Lunch and dinner are, perhaps, themost important parts of the day for the French. Therefore, it is thekitchen and dining areas found in and outside of theirhomes that we should pay particular attention to.

Inall my research and travels to France, what Americans know as "FrenchCountry" is not exactly what the true French know of it to be.If you search for the definition of "French Country",chances are...

...youwon't find a true French architectureterm for it. In my opinion, it is the American impressionism of whatFrench Country should be.

Thecommon features of the homes in the southern French countryside offerthe following:

  • Red Clay Tile Roof

  • Limestone and/or Stucco type Walls

  • Shuttered Windows

  • Outdoor Living Areas; such as a verandahs, porticos and balconies

  • Swimming Pools – If you take a look at a satellite picture of Southern France you will see that it is dotted with swimming pools.

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