HGTV at Texas Antiques Week

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Marianne Canada searches all points vintage and also vintage in Round Top, Texas.

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4 responses to “HGTV at Texas Antiques Week”

  1. Gina Diefenbach says:

    Where did this host come from, thinking she was OUT of her element here , seriously ! Afraid of a little “junk” I saw some very beautiful pieces here …..

  2. biglaughngirl says:

    Gina Diefenbach I agree with you. She doesn’t appear comfortable at all!

  3. biglaughngirl says:

    Not sure why HGTV has Marianne doing this…she does not seem professional or comfortable…my honest opinion.

  4. Karen Ley says:

    At Texas Antique Week, you need to “Show” more & “Talk” less !!!

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