Home Building Forms


(Listed In Order of Chapter Discussion)

You are more than welcome to download, print and use the following free home building forms providing that you have read and agreed to our user agreement prior to downloading the forms. Please understand that the financial worksheets have been created to help you become better organized and prepare to build a home and are not to take the place of official lending institution forms.

Personal Financial Worksheet (Aka: Statement of Income) – Helps you figure out how much total Income you are receiving.

Balance Sheet – Helps you figure your debt to income ratio.

Debt Target Payoff Schedule Worksheet – Use this form to help figure out your payments in order to pay off debt quickly.

Debt Reduction Goals Worksheet - This worksheet will help you list all your debt so that you know how much you owe.

Lender Worksheet – There are so many different types of home loans as well as lenders. This form can help you compare lenders to see which one will offer you the best type of loan.

Land Priority List – Use this form to help you sort out all your priorities to help you search for the perfect building lot.

Home Touring Questionnaire – Before selecting a builder in your area it is a good idea to see some of the work. In addition, you will be able to see get a clearer picture of the current real estate market. Use this form to help keep your home tours fresh in your mind. Don't forget to add Photographs of the property.

Building Site Touring Questionnaire – More likely than not you will be looking at several potential building lots or land properties for sale for building your home. This form will help keep you organized and better able to make your decision.

Existing Home Spec Sheet – Use this form when you tour homes for sale. I recommend you either tour open houses or parade of homes and not contact a specific realtor to show a particular home unless it is a newly built home so that you can look at the quality of workmanship of the builder.

Sample Spec Sheet – This sample will show you how to fill out the Existing Home Spec Sheet.

Building Site Spec SheetUse this form to help you take notes of building sites as you tour properties.

Home Priority List – This form was created to help each family member to write down their priorities and help you sort out realistic ones from not so realistic home ideas.

Room Priority List As the above priority list was created for your entire home, print one list for each room you plan to have in your new home.

Pantry Inventory List – A well planned pantry will help keep your kitchen organized and staples stocked, as well as help you conserve cabinet space. Use this form to plan what you would like to keep in your pantry (including bigger items such as small appliances, etc.) first before planning the rest of your kitchen. This one item can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Inventory - Use this list to put your cookware, utensils, cups, dishes, etc (everything you will be taking with you and new items you will be adding after you move in) Don't include items that will not be moving with you.

Household Inventory List – Print off one list (or two if you need the space) for each room to inventory items that you will be taking moving with you to your new home.

Room Shopping List Print off one list for each room to help you stay organized on your purchases for each room. If you will be using the same paint color as other rooms, just document it on the list.

Product Comparison Form – This form was created to help you compare building products and other items you will be using in your home. You will find this a great asset for comparison shopping.

General Contractor Information Sheet – If you will be using a General Contractor, you will want to know the person you hire is honest and will do the best job. This form was created to help you sort out the good contractors from the bad.

Payment Log Worksheets - When paying your construction bills you will need to keep track of which vendors have been paid at all times. This form will help you tremendously in keeping up to speed with your

Payment Log Pages 1 & 2: ExampleUse this example when filling out your payment logs.

Construction Schedule Calendar – Us this calendar to document dates of work to be done on your home as well as other valuable information needed while building your home. This is a great reference tool to use to put in your scrapbook once your home is finished.

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