What Home Planning Tools Do You Need To Make Your Building Project a Success?

Planning to build orremodel a home? Proper Home Planning Tools areessential to the outcome of your new home and are key ingredientsto...

SaveTIME and MONEY On Your Building Project!

Thisis the place where you can get all the home planning tools neededto organize your quest to build or remodel the home of your dreams!

Becauseyou may already have some of thefollowing items on hand, and in interestof saving you time and money, we are listing each of the itemsseparately. There's no sense wasting valuabledollars buying something you don't need. Right?

PlanMore Effectively!

Wehave found that it if you are organized from the beginning, and havethe proper home planning tools to workwith, the time you spend planning your home building project is muchmore productive, effective, andfulfilling. Therefore, we have put together the following list ofhome planning tools that are essential for keeping your home planningeffective and organized:

Two Business Binders: (That will hold 8-1/2 x 11" paper.) Both of these binders will contain a copy of your financial presentation. (One copy is to be given to your loan institution, and the other copy is for you to keep for your own records.)
AccoWilson Jones(R) Print Will not Stick 1/2in. Round Ring View Binder

Two 3-ring Notebooks: Keep your construction schedule, job bids, contractor, and sub-contractor contact information, building materials, and a building supplier contact list. This notebook will need to be at least 2" to 3" in depth. (One copy is for your construction loan officer, and the other will hold the original documents for yourself.)
Avery(R) Non-Stick Heavy-Duty View Binders

File Boxes: You can purchase cardboard file boxes, which aren't expensive. However, if you have file drawers in your home, dedicate them to be used for your building project. You will be accumulating tons of information and you'll want to keep everything organized neatly at your fingertips.
Bankers Box(R) FastFold Econo/Stor(R) Storage Boxes

Scrapbook Binder: A scrapbook is the most valuable item on BuildWisely's Materials List for keeping your design and decorating ideas organized. The scrapbook you put together will house all of your visions, ideas, and dreams for your new home. Scrapbooking is a fun, but crucial project in planing your home.
Avery(R) Heavy-Duty EZD View Binders

Theouter cover design and material makeup of your scrapbook can beanything you want it to be-it's all up to your imaginationand creativity. Just make sure there is plentyof space to add numerous pages to your scrapbook.
Downloadyour free copy of Scrapbooking Your Home Plans!

Avery(R)Top-Loading Nonstick Sheet Protectors

Fiskars(R)Softgrip(R) Scissors

Avery(R)Swiftabs Self-Adhesive Index Tabs

Swingline(R)Translucent Notebook 3-Hole Punch

GlueSticks (Acid Free):
OfficeDepot Glue Sticks

BlueDolphin Group, Inc.

BlankScrapbook Paper:
GreatWhite MultiUse 24 Paper

Architect'sTriangular Scale:
Staedtler(R)Architect & Engineer Scales

Staedtler(R)Cross-Section Drawing Papers

Pentel(R)Sharp Automatic Drafting Pencils

Sanford(R)Art Gum(R) Eraser

Furnitureand Accessory Templates:
BuildWisely'sHome Planning Guideshowsyou how to make accurate templates for every piece of furniture andaccessory to make sure they will fit nicely in your new home!

InspirationalPhotos of Home Ideas:
KodakDX3900 Zoom Digital Camera

BrandNew Items!

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