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HGTV experts Egypt Sherrod and also Genevieve Gorder use their suggestions for establishing a budget before acquiring your first house.

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5 responses to “How to Budget for Buying a House – HGTV/feed//”

  1. Kenz300 x says:

    Our education system needs to incorporate “LIFE SKILLS” classes that start in middle school and increase in depth in high school and college. Simple things like preparing a resume, interviewing skills, job search skills, tips on what employers are looking for, saving and opening a bank account, explaining health insurance (PPO, co pays), retirement planning (IRA, 401K), investing for the future (stocks, bonds and cash), the cost of home ownership ( loan payments, taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance), the cost of raising a child ( food, shelter, clothing, education), Credit — credit cards and interest payments, Credit Score — how it is determined and how it impacts your ability to get credit and what interest rate you will pay and its effect on your ability to get a job, an apartment or loan for a home or car. These all have a huge impact on your success in life…………….. these LIFE SKILLS need to be taught in all our schools.

  2. Emily Lukovic says:

    Great useful tips

  3. Semper Fi Home Guy says:

    Kenz300 x they had a class like that, it was called HOME EC, the class everyone ditched and avoided taking, it’s still offered

  4. musicismylove92 says:

    Yes!! These types of videos are very welcome 🙂 I work in real estate and it’s crazy how much I’ve learned in the past year that should’ve been taught in school. So thanks for putting this together 🙂

  5. MzBrazilian87 says:

    In High School we had College Now back in the early 2000s ..That doesn’t help either

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