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Adhere to the Great House Suggestions team as they build a custom surf shack/office for two young business owners.

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31 responses to “How To Build A Budget Surf Shack | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas//feed//feed//feed/”

  1. Sean Garbutt says:

    Awesome as always!

  2. Great Home Ideas says:

    Thanks Sean!

  3. WashiTapeWednesday says:


  4. Great Home Ideas says:

    Let us know what you think of our latest project!

  5. Great Home Ideas says:

    Thanks WashiTapeWednesday!

  6. Sy Law says:

    Awesome !

  7. Great Home Ideas says:

    Thanks Sy!

  8. Claire Knight says:

    Omg thanks for the shirtlessness 😍 anyway please tell me how to make a garden wall

  9. Emily Eldridge says:

    Incredible as always and wish the girls good luck

  10. Great Home Ideas says:

    Hi Claire! Thanks for watching. We’ll definitely look into the garden wall project for you.

  11. Great Home Ideas says:

    Thanks Emily!

  12. Emily Eldridge says:

    Great Home Ideas Your Welcome

  13. WhiteHawk FPS says:

    Can you try and show us how to make a recycling artificial stream? Also great vid!!

  14. Arwen Perez says:


  15. Green Kitty says:



    Sooooo coo. I hope I was from a developed country to have just some fun. 😶

  17. Unicorns Forever says:

    Do you do this for random people or they contact you

  18. yoselin rodriguez says:

    hey I really like the houses yall make can u pls make me one

  19. Masoma Khan says:

    its great

  20. Great Home Ideas says:


  21. Great Home Ideas says:

    Thanks Masoma!

  22. maha fatima says:

    Did they replace Tara?!?!

  23. Carsten Andersen says:

    Looking amazing. And very well thought design with the way you stored the paint on the wall and chalkboard on one side of the house. And a great idea with the whiteboard, it’s very beautiful.

  24. James-west oz garbo productions says:

    get jason to do a video on how to egde with a whipper snipper and whipper snipping tips!

  25. I Hate V Perms says:

    maha fatima No they didn’t
    She still works at BH&G but she doesn’t work on every indoor project like she used to do

  26. Mr Hk says:

    I love Australia

  27. الياباني الياباني says:

    Good job

  28. En Tong Ban says:

    It’s so good!!I wish I have one of this!!😊😊

  29. Cate Cannon Cunningham says:

    Hey guys this project is beautiful!!!!!

  30. Joe G.P. says:

    3:12 was that supposed to be the powerpoint presentation ? a black screen is not very descriptive, i smell an editing fail

  31. The ultimate Fireball says:

    Great Home Ideas hi I’m chris I live in Florida I love your builds there amazing I wish you guys can make me something like that it’s awsome

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