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Planning to construct your personal outdoor DIY share yard? Then watch as Adam and Jason reveal you exactly how, throughout.


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28 responses to “How To Build The Perfect Share Garden | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas//feed/”

  1. Great Home Ideas says:

    Hope you like our latest video!

    We had a few issues with the audio quality on our Tara’s DIY Shed Makeover video, but we’ll have a look at fixing it!

  2. Abdelwahad Ourchid says:


  3. CRSxFLOW says:

    The audio on this one is bad too! It keeps switching from left to right on my headphones and at times is just mono. What’s going on?!

  4. Great Home Ideas says:

    Sorry to hear that! We’ll have a look into it. Thanks

  5. Renata Sutherland says:

    The sound is failing. It has something wrong with this video.

  6. Great Home Ideas says:

    Hi Renata! The sound should be in stereo in a few parts, so if you’re listening with headphones/earphones, we’d recommend listening with both sides.

  7. Josieli Mendonca says:


  8. rayzorhead says:


  9. Aya Putri says:

    Great Home Ideas the voice no so clear so sad

  10. Anushka Sood says:

    Wow..fantastic work done..regards frm India..

  11. Bruno Cruz says:

    14:09 That mirror panel is not straight on the wall. My OCD is shaking right now, lmao. I’d be so pissed.

  12. TipOfSouthTexasLifeStyle WithVita says:

    Always turns out beautiful! 😍

  13. Stranded in Utah says:

    Same problem in spots on this video: during the building on the bench and right after the tree is introduced.

  14. Cristian Bailey says:

    didnt notice, lol

  15. swapna Das says:


  16. SuperJhong says:

    Adam’s Deck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Zlipster Royals says:

    I love how the dog makes it into almost every scene haha!!

  18. LeonGames says:

    whats up with the 1080i why not 1080p?

  19. Juhani139 says:

    Same! That would be the first thing I’d do after the team leaves… straighten that mirror. But maybe the mirror is level and the fence runs skew with the land? Even then I’d make the tops parallel.

  20. Juhani139 says:

    Love it. Think I’ve watched all your building and decor related videos on your YT channel. Can’t get enough.

  21. Michael C says:

    Is there a material list for the modular decking?

  22. Vicky Mc says:

    Looks good, but I’d be a little worried about the mirror starting fires on a hot day.

  23. HaFeD MenTaliSt says:

    i watched almost all ur videos… I learned planty things … but I didn’t do none of those things … thanks

  24. jeny mariano says:

    Horrible sound


    good Thank you.

  26. Vanessa Skelton says:

    it was good i love your vlogs

  27. Elizabeth Baca says:

    Bruno Cruz lol same i still like it

  28. Angelica Lorenzo says:

    Greetings from Honduras I really love your ideas, that’s why I’m always asking for your videos.
    you know I would love you to make a video showing all your garden, the plants and the shrubs that you have planted in it, please I would hug you a lot, that would be the garden of my dreams, I saw you in the distance and always like to your videos.

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