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Seeking the perfect first pet for your child? Well, Dr. Harry knows what'll be the best pick, guinea pigs!


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  1. Madison Rudolf says:

    i loive pigs

  2. Madison Rudolf says:

    and guinea pigs

  3. KVK Studios™ - The Ultimate Intros & Motion Graphics Channel says:

    bottom right. the guinea pig gets out of the cage and gets in without anyone noticing. lol

  4. JasonTheGreat18 says:

    About 6 years ago I had 5 guinea pigs, 1 male and 4 girls.

    we built an enclosure in the garden for them to play on the weekend, unfortunately we underestimated the males climbing skills and he somehow got in with the females and impregnated them all before we got him out.

    5 guinea pigs turned into 20 guinea pigs!

    Chaotic and expensive but I loved all of them, guinea pigs are the best pets.

    I have 3 males now:

  5. daghrb6 says:

    I mistakenly microwaved my Guiney pig when i was 7.
    It didn’t explode like in Gremlins because It was only for 30sexonds, but he still died 🙁

  6. اكلات وحلويات Aklat wa halawyat says:


  7. قناة منوعات الطبخ واستمتع says:


  8. JasonTheGreat18 says:

    daghrb6 how does someone make that mistake?

  9. daghrb6 says:

    JasonTheGreat18 I had him out in the winter and he was covered in snow so I was gonna warm him up. Mind of a 7year old…

  10. gingerandchutney says:

    Guinea pigs are the best pets. Such wonderful temperaments and adorable.

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