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From T-shirts to denims, learn how to fold your laundry the right way with this easy how-to.

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One response to “How to Fold Laundry – How to House – HGTV/feed//feed//feed/”

  1. Lori P. says:

    HGTV, I must say that these “How to House” videos are gems. This one, on how to fold your clothes, has got to be my favorite. With “How to Vacuum.” coming in a close second.

    Bravo for this video series for mentally challenged people new at living independently. So nice to see this underserved demographic be provided with simplistic educational videos.

    Could I make some requests for future videos??
    *How to lock/unlock a door.
    *How to turn on a faucet.
    *How to use a broom.
    *How to use a can opener.
    *How to make a bed.
    *How to water a plant.
    *How to make ice cubes.

    Again, bravo for supporting the handicapped! 👍🏼

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