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Click on this web link for additional information regarding home framing, new home construction as well as architectural building design. This video will certainly offer you with an example of exactly what a structure would appear like with a shed roof covering on one side attached to a wall in the center as well as a shed roof covering beyond.

4 responses to “How to Frame a Double Shed Roof with Wall in the Middle – Home Building Ideas/feed/”

  1. Chris Bruce Sr. says:

    Hey Greg I got a question for u…I’m framing the exterior wall on the back of my house and the concrete is pretty level but dips on the end of the wall,it’s an inch and a half differnce,should I self level with a self level concrete mix or use a green 2×4?where the concrete joint is,is where the 1 1/2 difference is…is can’t find a video on YouTube that shows how to frame a wall on uneven concrete,u could be the first! Lol thanx Greg!

  2. Dale Powell says:

    I love the clarity and comprehensiveness of your drawings!

  3. gregvancom says:

    Thanks and of course thanks for watching my videos.

  4. gregvancom says:

    Yes you can use shims or pieces of plywood or even longer wall studs. For example if you have 92 inch wall studs and you need them to be an inch and a half longer, then use longer ones like 93 1/2 inches. I will put a link to a video when it’s made, but I have a feeling you need this information right now like everyone else.

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