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Wanting to change your old oil fire place with a brand-new and also better gas fireplace?


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17 responses to “How To Replace Your Fireplace | Indoor | Great Home Ideas/feed//feed//”


    U got audio prob?

  2. mariana escalera says:

    Audio problems

  3. MelonBerriable says:

    yeah, her voice over is missing after the first part

  4. Bailee-Jo Nelson says:

    What’s with the audio?

  5. Medin Markovic says:

    I’m cackling

  6. Tyler1272000 says:

    Recording FAIL!

  7. Gregory Peavey says:

    Was gonna make a funny sexist comment about the audio but ill just keep it to myself

  8. palillo2006 says:

    Wow, she explained the whole process very well!!

  9. Anushka Sood says:

    Hi Tara!you are jus amazing at your work..very creative👍

  10. اكلات وحلويات Aklat wa halawyat says:


  11. JasonTheGreat18 says:

    Sound guy needs firing!

  12. Kellen Uri says:

    Where is the audio

  13. L. L. says:

    palillo2006 lol

  14. Tabinda Mirza says:


  15. Pranjali Mali says:


  16. Pranjali Mali says:

    We want Tara back

  17. Samantha Camacho says:

    No Audio ☹️ I love her voice !!

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