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Click this connect to learn more regarding house additions, architectural design as well as remodeling. This video clip will certainly offer you with a few ideas on how you could make a house addition opening up bigger by removing an outside wall surface and also setting up a structural supporting light beam to transfer the load that was previously supported by the exterior wall surface via the messages and also down to the structure footing. See to it you visit our web site as well as inspect out several of our books on stair building, building inspections and having.

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  1. Chris the Brit O'Connor says:

    Hi Greg, Hope you can help? I’m not familiar with all aspects of American
    building code as I originate from the UK. My wife & I have settled in
    Northern Michigan & are planning a project very similar to this video.
    Would I find additional guidance on your web site that would point us in
    the right direction for our neck of the woods sir?

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