Illustrated Example of Easy Shed and Garage Framing With Shed Roof/feed///feed//feed//feed/

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Click this link to find out more and also videos about building garages, new residence building and construction and also home repair services. It's probably one of the most basic and most convenient approaches I can think of for constructing a garage or shed where it does not snow. This video clip will provide you with a 3 dimensional detailed instance of how you could develop as well as frame a little structure with the shed, sloping or skillion roofing system.

3 responses to “Illustrated Example of Easy Shed and Garage Framing With Shed Roof/feed///feed//feed//feed/”

  1. Alex Oddo says:

    I’m planning a 10’x20′ shed with a similar roof. How would you frame in a barn style door and high, short and wide windows, on this type of structure?

  2. gregvancom says:

    You might need to send me a picture or a link to your barn door, but I think it can be framed using the same method in the video. You would simply use a longer and larger header, with at least two trimmers on each side. You might find what you’re looking for on the website also on the engineering and framing pages.

  3. Alex Oddo says:

    The shed project is in a conceptual stage, at this point. But the link you posted is an amazing resource that I’m sure will help in the future. Thank you!

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