Interior Wall Finish

The final step in the completion of a wall surface is to add the interior wall finish. There are so many options to choose from-how do you make up your mind?

If you want to be happy with the end results of your hard work, you need to have a good starting point and then stick within your established budget.

Now, to get started off on the right foot, let's...

...get out your scrapbook and pull out all your favorite rooms. Then on paper, list your likes and your dislikes for each room. Following are some questions that may help to get you started:

      What type of interior wall finish does the room have?

      What is it that you like about the color?

      How does the room make you feel?

      Does the room invite you to come in, or does it push you away?

      What type of material does the wall surface have? Is it smooth or textured, real or faux?

A number of different materials can be used to finish off your walls. If you are looking for that professional decorator look hang on-there is a great deal of fun to be had. Your options are only as limited as your imagination.

If you think a particular look is far too expensive to achieve-stop worrying right now. If your budget doesn't allow for the "Real McCoy", it is chic to go with the ever so popular faux paint technique or plastered wall effect.

Following are several choices to consider for your interior wall finish, but don't stop here-you may have a few ideas of your own:

      Brick or Stone-Solid or veneers, both make a beautiful interior wall finish, but will need to be installed properly to last. Check with the manufacturer for proper installation and structural reinforcement requirements. Once it's up, you won't need to apply a wall finish-you're done.

      Paint-is available in all types of colors and it even comes textured. There two basic types of paints for your interior wall finish: oil based and water based.

        Water based paint is usually less toxic and cleans up much easier. You can choose between flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes. The glossier finishes wash and wear better than a flat paint, but you will end up with a shinier wall. The eggshell finish has almost no sheen and washes much better than a flat paint.

        Oil based paint, especially on trim, will usually wear longer and wash better than water based paints.

        Color-speaks volumes about a room. Where specific colors can make you feel calm, energetic, or nervous. The perfect colors and tones for your home should be researched wisely in order for your rooms to reflect the feelings you want them to.

        Faûx Finish-a French term meaning a false finish. This finish can be made to look like brick, stone, marble, granite, wood grain, leather, crackled paint, rusted iron, or verdigris and much more.

        Trompe L'Oeil (sounds like tromp-louee) -meaning "trick the eye" in French, is a painting technique that depicts actual objects to look as if they are real. This technique utilizes principles of light and shadow to make the subject look three dimensional. Check out my Beach House Wall Mural

      Texturing Compound-is manufactured by many different companies. However, there are specific types for different applications. If you are going to add texture to your walls, then you need to make sure that it is compatible with the surface material you are applying it to.

      Wall texturing is fun and the interior wall finish results can be quite astonishing. There are endless design patterns that can be created. In addition, you can add other materials such as: color tinting, glazes, and objects to the compound to make your walls truly unique.

      We've found a great non-toxic plaster product that utilizes natural clays, aggregates and pigmentations that can be used in a number of different design styles. Whether you are wanting to add that Tuscan, French Country, Southwest, or other, this clay plaster is versitile in any décor. Check it out: <

        Straw Thrown Plaster-is very popular in French Country walls. All you do is trowel on wet plaster to your walls and literally throw a hand full of straw onto the wet plaster. Lightly tamper the straw so that it embeds into the plaster with a clean trowel. Once it's dried apply either one or two coats of an aged yellow tinted glaze to age and seal the wall at the same time.

        Sand, Pebbles, Glass, Artifacts-to give an artistic quality to your interior wall finish. Get creative and be artistic! One of a kind walls can be created by just using your imagination. But, before you attempt it-take a piece of scrap gypsum board and practice, practice, practice to come up with the look that is uniquely yours.

        Pigment-If you are looking for a true Old World textured wall, an easy way to achieve it is to add pigmentation to your compound. Once it's put on the wall with a trowel and let dry, either a glaze, or a wax is used to seal and age the wall.

      Tile-comes in either porcelain, ceramic, terra-cotta, metals, glass, and natural stones, marble, or granite. There is just about as wide of price range for tiles as there is different designs available on the market. If you can't find what you are looking for you can have your own designs custom made, or even make them yourself via a ceramic or pottery shop.

      Wood-composed of either solid wood, plywood or veneers. It can be purchased in board dimensions, flat or raised panels, shingles, or in large sheets. It is "WISE" to remember that if you are wanting to install any type of wood product over a combustible wall system that an approved fire stop is used between the wall structure and the wood surface for additional fire protection.

Did you know that some building centers and craft stores offer interior wall finish techniques and other types of classes to the public? Find out in your area if classes are being offered.

Plan Your Interior Wall Finish with BuildWisely's Home Planning Guide

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