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Click on this link for additional information about deck building, brand-new residence structure and also do it yourself home repair works. In this video clip I will certainly do the most effective I can to clarify the different sorts of treated lumber and also exactly how they could be utilized on your next building job. It's tough to visualize, but most of us have it stuck in our head that dealt with lumber does not rot as well as termites won't touch it with a 10 foot pole, but that could not always hold true.

2 responses to “Is All Pressure Treated Lumber Created The Same? – Home Building and Repairs/feed//feed//feed/”

  1. MrMac5150 says:

    I sent a message to your box.

  2. jasonmushersee says:

    I used treated 2×6 for decking on the back house deck and every board
    warped. Front deck i used regular spf 2×6 & coat it every april with cedar
    colored oil base deck stain from home depot. It’s $40/gallon but works
    great. I’ve seen new homes with treated 1×6 for decking totally rotten
    after 2 years.

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