Problems Replacing Wood Joists Embedded In Block Walls – Building Repair Tips/feed////feed/

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Click this link if you require extra videos on framing repair works, brand-new residence building and construction as well as renovating suggestions. This video could not supply you with a solution to your problem if you have actually damaged wood flooring joist that are embedded or sitting inside concrete block wall surfaces that need to be repaired or changed, but will offer you with a few ideas and concepts for constructing fixings. Please note that problems like these are generally the direct outcome of building or design troubles that might call for an engineer to offer you with an excellent repair remedy.

3 responses to “Problems Replacing Wood Joists Embedded In Block Walls – Building Repair Tips/feed////feed/”

  1. Ruben Rojas says:

    Thank you for the video. What program do you use to create your

  2. David Shwartz says:

    Looks like SketchUp Pro, isn’t it?

  3. David Shwartz says:

    I’ve worked for a guy who used to screw a metal plate to the end of a beam
    with 6 or 8 inch screws, lets say the beam is a 6×6 so the plate was 6×10
    and he would put the beam against the wall and anchor the plate to the
    concrete wall.

    The plate was centered on the beam so it steaks out 2″ from each side and
    had a few holes for anchor bolts.
    After the beams was hanged, the stucco guys would come and do the wall so
    the metal plates was covered in stucco and it looked like the beams was
    coming out the wall with no fasteners at all…

    I hope it make sense, my technical English is not that good…

    I always questioned this method because he was relaying on the screws to
    hold the beam and even though he screwed the metal plate to the end of the
    beam with 6 or 8 screws, 6 or 8 inches long – I have never trusted a screw
    to an End-grain to hold a lot of weight and was always worried about the
    beam cracking

    But as a young guy you shut up and do the job you get payed to do, most
    people don’t want someone who’s 20 years younger to question something
    they’ve been doing before he had learned to hold a hammer…

    What do you think about this method?

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