Round Rebar Cage Under Existing Concrete Slab Used for Structural Reinforcement/feed/

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Click this link for even more video clips regarding building foundation repairs, structural engineering and also house enhancements. I made this video to help somebody understand what would certainly be should strengthen an existing architectural concrete structure foundation. The instances made use of in the video clip could supply additional toughness or structural support for patio covers and home additions.

3 responses to “Round Rebar Cage Under Existing Concrete Slab Used for Structural Reinforcement/feed/”

  1. Sergei Lybishin says:

    proper solution

  2. Bonnie Cohen says:

    Thank you! Min clearance on sides here, is 75mm, making the circles only 200mm max (350-150 = 200) I’ve realised just how small these are gonna be!

    Please could you point me toward a solution for this: How do you keep the cage 100mm above the bottom of the pour? Is this what you call a “dobe” ?

  3. gregvancom says:

    Yes, type the phrase rebar spacer into a search engine for more info. You can use the dobes or wire to hang the cage and it is going to be small. You’re welcome

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