Should You Put Gravel At The Bottom Of A Wood Fence Post?/feed/

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Click this link for even more videos as well as info concerning fencing repairs, structure as well as various other building and construction associated topics. I'm not convinced that gravel around or under a fencing message concrete footing is the ultimate service for stopping wood fence post rot, decay as well as damage that frequently causes their replacement and repair. For even more fencing repair work information see our web site.

One response to “Should You Put Gravel At The Bottom Of A Wood Fence Post?/feed/”

  1. Cory Kloos says:

    I didn’t have 10 minutes to watch this entire thing, but I wanted to
    mention- whether or not you should or should not use gravel is highly
    dependant upon what type of soil you have. Where I am (high clay content)
    it’s a horrible idea. it’s a pool and the water has a very difficult time
    escaping. Best solution (most expensive) full concrete encas3ment below
    frost line with post having been coated in a liquid applied mbrane.
    concrete pier should be tapered.

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