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Aiming to transform your bedroom right into a beach-like heaven? After that check out Tara's room remodeling tips as well as tricks!


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18 responses to “Tara’s Bedroom Makeover | Indoor | Great Home Ideas/feed///feed//feed/”

  1. JesusFreakJene says:

    The mom seemed underwhelmed.

  2. sifinafa2 says:

    It looks amazing! Thanks for all the tips and tricks! You’re the best Tara!!!

  3. Itsme justine says:

    This /thats so cool😍

  4. igiveup851 says:

    Wow.. nice colours! I always wanted a white doors and tirms but wherever I move the tirms are brown!! 😔 and they are new so I feel bad to paint them beside i don’t know if I can make it perfectly!

  5. محمد العراقي says:

    مرحبا عمل رائع و مميز

  6. Seth Riley says:

    I can still barely hear over the background music

  7. Aya Putri says:

    Why still no good sound

  8. Iyad Alhatab says:

    This is amazing and wonderful work

  9. WynWyn says:

    The audio is so low.😞😞😞

  10. Rochelle Lyn says:

    I just really love how Tara Dennis has been hosting the show. She’s superb!

  11. Nick Dova says:

    Once again, fix your audio problems before uploading the videos. Or try reading comments to see if you need improvements..

  12. Rubina Shakir says:

    Waiting for your videos Tara 😍 , i love the color schemes , great

  13. أية الساعدي says:

    I love the colors and lights
    good job tara

  14. Tzaddi Schin says:

    I needed to crank up the volume to hear what Tara’s saying but then the background music blasts so loudly! Very POOR audio editing! 😬😬

  15. Queen Rosa says:

    You are the best . super women

  16. D. Tucker says:

    Like the window coverings, are they a specific brand?

  17. الياباني japan says:

    Nice women

  18. New Life says:

    Loved it but the painting…if it only was just one not freaking NINE

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