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House Therapist Laurie March creates a stylish and practical work space inside a small storage room.

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5 responses to “Turn a Closet Into a Stylish Home Office – HGTV/feed//feed//feed//feed/”

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  3. Taylor says:

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  4. Theodore-Ben Solomon says:

    It’s the same. Remove that curtain.

  5. Sean F says:

    Nice update! Speaking from experience, don’t go the power strip route. We did on our first attempt, but now that we know we like the closet office we are having an electrician come in and install outlets for its next iteration. It creates a much cleaner and more established look. Also, the curtains feel nice for styling but they don’t look great when your kids hand all over them while asking their millionth question during your computer time. I much prefer solid (not bifold) doors. They allow for some extra storage space behind the door, or pin up space for calendars, etc, and they close easily to make it all go away instantly. It makes for a more finished look.

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