Types of Basement Foundation

There are several types of foundations to choose from. However, not all may be appropriate for your land. Therefore, it is "WISE" to become educated on each type in order to gain the necessary knowledge required to make an informed decision and prevent disasters from occurring.

      Slab on Grade

      Foundation with Crawl Space

      Post and Pier

      Basement Foundation

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1 Foundation

a) Types of Basement Foundations

b) Foundation Materials

c) Foundation Drainage

d) Basement Waterproofing

e) Natural Disasters

2 Floor Systems

3 Wall Systems

4 Windows and Doors

5 Moisture Proof Barriers

6 Exterior Surface Material

7 Insulation

8 Interior Wall Materials

a) Interior Wall Finish

9 Roof Systems

a) Structural Frame

b) Radiant Barrier

c) Roof Decking

d) Flashing and Bituminus Roofing Membranes

e) Roofing Felt

f) Surface Roofing Material

g) Attic Insulation

10 Ventilation

11 Plumbing & Fixtures

a) Water Distribution System

b) Drain Lines

c) Hot Water Heaters

d) Appliance Hookups

e) Water Softener Filtration System

f) Plumbing Fixtures

12 Electricity and Wiring

a) Electricity Sources

13 Climate Control

14 Your Home's Decor

a) How to be Organized in Planning Your Home's Decor


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