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Click on this link for additional information about house renovation, developing fixings and architectural engineering. This video will certainly offer you with some basic yet much-needed details about issues you can produce if you eliminate any kind of indoor wall or make an existing opening bigger to open up the interior room of your residence. In this video you will certainly learn about weight moving with existing walls and also around remodeled bigger openings. Always remember to view sequel called Structural Problems from Getting rid of Walls as well as Making Existing Openings Larger – Lateral Motion.

One response to “Watch This Video Before Removing Interior Walls or Making Door Openings Larger – Remodeling Advice/feed/”

  1. Mike Wolverton says:

    This answers a lot of questions I already had. Do you have any videos on
    adding a loft/storage area? I’m looking to add a storage area in my garage
    over vehicles. I’m looking to add a support beam about 26′ wide and it’ll
    be about 10′ deep towards the garage door wall. I spent my whole life
    dreaming of owning a home and then somehow I found the only house in the
    city with no place for storage, lol. Thanks for your videos.

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